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Dashbouquet Development keeps Clients Happy


A Forbes article about the importance of being responsive claims that “responsiveness is do or die in the world of business.” Response time in business is linked to the level of personalization, and at Dashbouquet Development we make sure to always be available for communication with our clients.

Sep 17 2019| byNatalia Kukushkina

Client Guide: Estimating Application Development Cost

Web Development

The question of project price is much more intricate than many people think. It’s not about how many lines of code a developer writes in a week - it’s about meeting the client’s requirements and business goals by delivering a high-quality and fully functioning software solution.

Sep 16 2019| byDmitry Budko

AI for Dating Apps: How Machines help People find Love

Artificial Intelligence

Dating apps have been an incredibly valuable asset for thousands of people all over the world to find their perfect partner. While Artificial Intelligence can help with matching, transforming the future of dating.

Sep 09 2019| byNatalia Kukushkina

The Always Important Human Factors in Development


The science of human factors makes a compelling case for becoming integral in the development of almost any product or service. It moves the conversation from what you envisage will happen in theory to what will actually happen in practice due to human traits, quirks, limitations and general characteristics.

Aug 28 2019| byAimee Laurence

Top Mistakes when Developing an MVP and How to Avoid them


MVP is something that saves product owners lots of time and money. Many companies manage to fail their MVP development. So what are the top mistakes that companies make and how do you avoid them?

Aug 26 2019| byDmitry Budko